Nate & Carolyn - A Year Later

I love to try and keep in touch with my clients and see where they are at and how married life is for them. I emailed Nate and Carolyn and asked them how they felt about sharing a little bit about their day and how important it was for them to have special wedding photographs to look back upon. Thank you guys for your kind words, was a pleasure to capture your day and I hope your photographs bring back many happy memories for years to come. Happy Anniversary! 

Favorite moment from the wedding day?

Nate: Watching Carolyn walk down the aisle and seeing her beautiful smile.

Carolyn: I enjoyed the day as a whole!! It was such a blessing to have the whole family together. Though I must say my favorite was lighting our unity candle while listening to our recording of Be Thou My Vision. Remembering to always keep Christ as our vision in life and in our marriage. (On a funny note, I did enjoy getting to smudge cake up Nates nose! Hehe) 

Favorite image captured? 

Nate: I really liked the ones walking down the lane after the wedding, There were various ones that are my favorite. I also like the ones with Carolyn and the car. 

Carolyn: I would have to say my favorites are the ones with Nate and I with the car. I also enjoyed the ones with my niece Jocelyn. Beki has a talent of capturing the moment as real life as possible. One that comes to mind is the one where it is a close up of my father but you can see Nathan looking on in the background. Very neat affect. 

If you had to give an engaged couple advice before their big day, what would it be? 

Nate: Make sure you get Beki as your photographer! ( I promise I didn't pay him to say this!!)

Carolyn: This would be especially for the Bride, but to enjoy every moment of your day. Not in a selfish way but truly enjoy your wedding day to your husband. Don’t worry about the small stuff.

How was your experience working with Beki? 

Nathan and I really enjoyed the opportunity of being with Beki. She is such a sweet and kind hearted person. She really looks into the lives of the clients she works with and has a heart for capturing the moment.  We appreciate all the work she put into capturing our wedding! What a great way to remember our special day. A picture really can say a thousand words! 

Personal post // 3 Years on

On 15th March Travis and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. These past 3 years have grown and stretched me. Moving away from home and coming to a place that was somewhat unfamiliar and just different from tiny little Bangor. Learning what it means to be a wife can be challenging and I am thankful for a husband who shows me grace in this. I am also thankful for a husband who loves deeply, pushes me to love Christ and to grow in my character but still wants me to be me, my out of control craziness and all! 

When I take the time to think about our journey, the conversations we've had, the places we've experienced and the people we have been blessed with in our lives I can't help but be filled with joy and a heart that is truly thankful.

I am so thankful for Amy at Retrosight photography for capturing all of the laughter and story of our wedding day. Enjoy our picture story below :)

*This is pretty much a photo overload - my apologies, I couldn't help myself!