When fear turns into Love


Back when I was a little kid I had an unhealthy fear of dogs. If we went to visit friends I would lock myself in the car until I was sure there was no dog in that house. Going for a walk through Ward park (our local play park) .…that was a challenge. I needed to be near enough to dad that he could ward off any terrifying beasts (small friendly pups!)

Mum and dad thought enough was enough and along came Sophie.

I remember it clearly, we all got called into the living room and dad was standing there holding a cardboard box. He set it on the ground...it moved, and so did I! Inside was a small black ball of fluff.

It was time to face my fear. Somehow this pup didn't seem so intimidating, she was friendly, fuzzy, and playful. She became my friend, Sophie.

Just over a week ago, we had to say good-bye. It was from a distance for me as I am now living in the USA, but it was still very real and made me process a lot.

God is so much bigger that any fears or doubts we may have. He so often works in ways that we wouldn't expect. Just how he used a little pup to get me over my fear of dogs. This may seem weird and insignificant to many people but to me it was an illustration.

My parents cared enough for me so that I would not live in fear. They sought to bring healing while showing me how much Christ cares for me. They wanted me to realize how this fear could be overcome. With the help of a small puppy, but  much more with the help of God. They showed me that God could bring healing to areas of our lives that we may not see as important, but if left un dealt with will cause us to not be able to live life in all it's fullness.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2Timothy 1:7