Let life's stories begin...



:: A bit about me ::


Well, the time has come, I am joining the blogging scene. It’s time for my heart to be a little bit more exposed and for you to join me as I tell the stories of life through photographs.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, married to my wonderful husband and live a life filled with magnificent people. I grew up in small seaside town in Bangor, Northern Ireland and have somehow found myself now living in Amish country Ohio. When you let Christ take control of your journey you never know where you may end up.

My heart bursts at the thought of travel, experiencing new places, sights, smells, sounds and people, it makes me a little giddy just thinking about it! Jesus, photography, people, vintage, scarves, mountains, rustic, creativity, journaling, art, coffee shops (especially off the beaten path ones!), hiking, talking, laughing… to name but a few of my loves!

:: Why Photography ::

This has been a big part of my heart for a number of years now. I absolutely adore memories but sometimes my wee brain doesn’t help me keep track of them all. For me this is why photography is so important. Images help me remember, they bring back laughter, they bring back tears but most of all they bring back moments. Don't you just love pulling out the old albums, having a laugh at the silly hair dos and the weird styles that were once oh so fashionable! My heart for my clients is that they become friends, that they become so comfortable in front of the camera that they forget that it is there. I want to “tell your story through photographs.” I want to capture moments that will be remembered for a life time and not just a few months or years.

:: The name ::

For me, the name was a pretty important element of my business. I wanted it to communicate what I am all about. 12Stones was inspired by a passage of scripture (found in Joshua 4) “These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.” Those twelve stones were memory markers for the children in years to come - this is exactly what I see photographs being. So wether it be a family reunion, a new life, a couple preparing for their big day or a senior making that transition in life, I would love to help you capture those moments.